February 2021 - 6 Simple & Magical Ways To Say I Love You

February 2021 - 6 Simple & Magical Ways To Say I Love You
(other than chocolate, but man chocolate is good so add some of that in there too!)

Valentines Day is coming and it always surprises me that I have so many friends who would rather skip this holiday.  “It’s just a made up Hallmark money grab” is the typical response to when I start my V-day countdown.  

Despite this, Valentines Day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Perhaps it was because I spent years as a preschool teacher so it was never about romance or big lavish gifts. Instead, it meant gluey, glittery heart shaped cards, pink cookies and giant, sticky hugs.  I just love it! I think there is something pretty awesome about dedicating a day to pause and celebrate the greatest kind of magic of all - LOVE!!  Friendship love, romantic love, family love… love, love, love!

So let’s pull out our red shirts and heart shaped cookie cutters, and dive into a world where we can bring more love to our child’s heart in simple and magical ways.  I’ve included below 6 super easy ways to celebrate the day of love - I hope you give one a try!

Pancakes.  It’s easy, they love em’ and you can make them festive pretty simply.  Try this: instead of the regular milk/water you add to the mix (either homemade or store brand, we aren’t here to judge, friend), blend the liquid with strawberries and raspberries (i usually mash in a banana too for taste, and if you do, you can use one less egg).  The berry mixture will make your pancakes a natural pink.  Pour onto the griddle in a heart shape, and you basically won Valentines Day morning.  

Love Trees.  Fairy Camp LOVES holiday trees and Valentines Day is no exception.  This is a great way to have the whole family be a part of the festivities.  Grab a stick from outside that has a lot of small branches.  Place it in a jar (we like to use beans or rocks to keep it stable) so it looks like a mini tree.  Cut up hearts about 2x2 inches and hold punch a hole at the top.  Write down things/people that you love.  Encourage the whole family to join you!  String the heart up on the tree and Voila!  You have the loveliest love tree as your centerpiece.

Love Notes.  This is big in my house.  My three year old, Casey, can’t read yet, but she loves finding heart shaped notes under her pillow, taped on the bathroom wall, in her lunch, and even in her shoes!  It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, just a simple, “I’m thinking of you” or “I think you are wonderful” will make their heart soar.  

Mirror Messages.  Did you know that whiteboard erase markers work perfectly on mirrors?  Try making little messages of love or encouragement on the mirror to remind your child how amazing they are.  This works especially well with older kids.  A simple message of “let the world see you shine!”  or “your smile is beautiful!” can easily wash away any self conscious thoughts your hormonal preteen may have when they set foot in front of the bathroom mirror.  Don’t worry about embarrassing them or being too effusive.  They may roll their eyes, but I promise that their heart is full of joy!

Cookie Cutter Sandwich.  Can’t much easier than this.  Take a heart shape cookie cutter to that ol’ PB&J to bring a smile to your little Valentines’ faces.

Anonymous Letters.  A few days ago my 12 year old pal Ava and I worked together on a craft while zooming.  Ava was feeling disconnected to her friends because of distance learning.  We talked about how EVERYONE is feeling this way right now, and thought of ways to help.  We decided to make anonymous letters to those people who might need a smile.  We put encouraging quotes in our letters as well as simple “You got this!” messages of hope.  We signed the letter, “From someone who cares about you” and mailed them off.  By sending wishes of hope, we felt our moods lighten too!

We hope you feel light hearted and loved this Valentines Day.  Give your little (and big) ones an extra long squeeze.  It’s been a wild year, and we could all use some extra attention and love!  Happy Valentines Day, friends!
Sue Bell