About Us

Upon their first meeting in 2010, Melissa + Sue knew that if they could find a way to collaborate their talents - magic would occur.

And boy, were they right! The result was a multi-faceted business with the goal of celebrating the wonder, imagination, and joy of childhood in a safe, loving, and respectful environment. For many successful years now, these talented souls have been bringing magic to the hearts of children in the Los Angeles area through their in-person summer Fairy Camps.

When the pandemic started, Melissa + Sue were pleased to bring the magic to the children and offer all the wonder, excitement, and adventure through their Fairy Camp at Home activity boxes! Their hope is to bring a bit magic to kids all over the world!

Melissa + Sue are the founders of LAFF club - a weekly meeting with pre-teen girls designed to be a safe space to discuss social, global, and personal issues.